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The project «New Towns, Arrival Cities» was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”

Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 “Town-Twinning”

Participation: The project involved 1200 citizens ca (Mayor, Alderman and 2 Councillors, 4 Officers of the Sabaudia’s Municipality + 1 Professor ad 2 Researchers of the Padua’s University) notably international participants: District Council of Hasselby-Vallingby – City of Stockholm + KTH(SE) n.5, City of Aarhus-+Arkitectskolen of Aarhus (DK) n. 6,  Nissewaard + INTI(NL) n.7 , Milton Keynes + MK Gallery(UK) n.4, Grand Paris Sud (FR) n.5.


Led by the City of Nissewaard (NL) with the coordination of the International New Town Institute,

Location/ Dates: The event took place in  Sabaudia – Italy, from  16/05/2018  to  17/05/2018.

Workshop theme: “Re-planning collective spaces to rediscover your roots”.


Short description:

The day of  16/05/2018   was dedicated to the presentation of Sabaudia to the  international participants, with particular regard to its rationalist architecture, to the works carried out by the buildings in the past and present days.

Visit to Bella Farnia, object of the workshop, which most of the Indian immigrants present in the Municipal Territory are concentrated.

The day of  17/05/2018 the workshop focused on public spaces as places open to integration. How can public spaces play a role in solving the needs and desires of the different people of Sabaudia?

5 Leases in the city as collective spaces were the subject of the study, and at the same time part of the debate within the Conference, that placed the attention on certain inclusive social issues such as: “New Towns, Arrival Cities, project goals and ambitions”, “re-planning collective spaces wthin polycentric city”, “the sustainability of new inclusive spaces”, “the school as a place of welcome, aggregation and main actor in the formation of a spitit of solidarity “, ” arrivals in Sabaudia and daily life from the migrant perspective “,” sociological aspects of immigration process in the territory of Sabaudia “.

The workshop was attended in an effective way by members of the Town Political Institutions, International Participants, President of the Circeo National Park Authority, Representation of the Indian Community (Gurdwara Sikh Center), Officials and Employees of the Local Autority, Professor and Researchers and Students of the University of Padua, Director of the Middle School and High School of Sabaudia, Twinning Committee, Cultural and Sport Associations and citizens in general.


 The project «New Towns, Arrival Cities» was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”

The two-year project “New Towns Arrival Cities”, led by the Municipality of Nissewaard and coordinated by the International New Town Institute, is a platform for knowledge exchange between six European New Towns and four research institutions on the topic of migration and the role of cultural diversity in shaping contemporary multicultural society. The project consisted of five two-day “New Town Labs” looking at the main theme through different lenses: art and culture (Lab#1 – Milton Keynes, UK), public spaces as drivers of inclusion (Lab#2 – Sabaudia, IT), processes of urban citizenship (Lab#3 – Grand Paris Sud,FR), adapting the welfare state model infrastructures (Lab#4 – Vällingby, SE) and the need of a new alliance government-citizens (lab#5 – Nissewaard, NL). While placing migration at the centre of the reflection, the ‘New Towns, Arrival Cities’ project has brought together European city representatives, researchers, students, citizens, local migrant communities, universities, local associations, experts and engaged them in a series of intercultural events which have directly involved 710 people and 76 international delegates representing ten partners’ institutions.

– Lab#1 Milton Keynes, UK: “Culture, Migration and Identity” (November 22-23, 2017)


– Lab#2 Sabaudia, IT: “Re-planning collective spaces to rediscover our roots” (May 16-17, 2018)


– Lab#3 Grand Paris Sud, FR: “Migrants in a new town: a process of citizenship” (October 17-18, 2018)


– Lab#4 Vällingby, SE: “Adapting To Present Needs – The ABC-Town in Transition” (December 12-13, 2018)


– Lab#5 Nissewaard, NL: “Reshaping government-citizen relations” (20-21-22 February 2019)



To know more about the scope of the programme, the cities’ contexts and urban development, the activities’ programme, participants and local organisations involved, please visit the project website:


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